Free Digital Marketing Audit & Consultancy
Pay Per Click by GreenshootDM

As the name suggests you pay for every click a potential customer makes on your advert. If you do not target PPC campaign and make it as relevant as possible to your business it will fairly quickly eat up a huge amount of your marketing budget with very little to show for it.
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SEO Solutions by GreenshootDM

With Internet growing in size exponentially means you have to be more and more creative to achieve the natural traffic to you website and increasingly search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing (MSN) have different ways and complex formulas of ranking your website.
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Email Marketing

Email Marketing by GreenshootDM

Have great experience in writing press release and articles with appropriate messages and keywords to indirectly influence your search engine position. Contents from Digital PR will be geared towards building a brand /company awareness with specific function to ...
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Internet Public Relations

Internet Public Relations by GreenshootDM

Digital PR allows you to get the message out there very fast in some cases instantly appearing on different websites. This allows you to be reactive. We will seek out the receptive audience for your press release. Online PR has exploded over the years due to many reasons ...
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Marketing Consultancy

Marketing Consultancy by GreenshootDM

If your company is considering digital marketing and unsure of which direction to take or best approach to take. We can offer consultancy to get you up and running to achive your desired goals ...
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About Us

About GreenshootDM

Founded by Kamal Choudhury who has been passionate about Digital Marketing and helping companies achieve full potential and brand awareness through the digital medium. He has been at the forefront of providing ...
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